The Easiest Way To Remove Negative Items From Your Credit Report.

The Easiest way to run a credit repair Business.

The DisputeDoc software suite automatically generates and sends customized dispute documents to the credit bureau so you can serve more customers and make more profit.

Starting a Credit Repair Business is a lot of work.
Save Time, Money and Headaches.

When I started my credit repair business, we had over 60,000 inquires. With an entire team, we were only able to serve 5,000 in a year. This was killing my revenue and made for long days of filling out dispute documents on behalf of my customers and manually mailing them to the credit bureau. There had to be a better way,

How we make your credit repair business faster, more reliable and able to serve more customers.

Upload Credit Reports

You start by uploading your customer's credit report to your user profile.

Scan for Errors

Our A.I. Technology scans the credit report for errors and inconsistencies.

Generate Customized Dispute letters.

Instead of creating generic templates, our technology generates a custom letter automagically.

We send and to
Credit Bureau

Our platform sends your customer's letter to the credit bureau and lets you know when they are ready.

Serve More Customers.
Get Fast and Reliable Results.

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